Monday, March 16, 2009

Crochet scrap yarn project: Corsages!

I have found a cool way to use up those bits of scrap yarn in the form of corsages! I think they would be so cute pinned to a sweater, or to a hat, or even to one's purse. I have created a tutorial for making these fun and different little projects!

So i start out with a circle:

Then I start adding fringe:

More fringe:

then I make a variety of flowers and leaves:

I start to sew on these different flowers and leaves:

I simply love the element of surprise when it comes to color so I add some hot pink little curly-q doo da's:

I give the fringe a bit of a chopped up haircut:

Then I make some curly q's and some dingle dangle balls and it is finished!


  1. Someone just gave me some scrap yarn that would be perfect for this lovely idea.