Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crochet Minecraft!

Ha! So one day I was burnt out on flowers, and I wanted to make something different because it had been so long when my 15 year old son suggested a Minecraft Creeper. Hmm...interesting, very simple design, why not?!

I started one evening and finished early the next morning, woke my son up for school, he opened his eyes to his completed Creeper and was delighted! So delighted that he took the Creeper to school with him.

I never imagined all these teenage boys would be so crazy about a crocheted doll, who knew right?

After making the Creeper, I made my son a pig, which made him giggle like a little kid. Then an unsheared grey sheep.

I hope to make more of these for my son, it's about time I get to crochet something just for him LOL!