Thursday, April 16, 2009

New necklaces

I love the pink and coral mix of colors for this type of Zinnias! Here is my take on them:

This flower is called a Dianthus.

My Grandma had 10 green thumbs. When I decided to plant my own flower garden years ago, she suggested Dianthus because it was easy to care for. Well I got lucky and where I planted mine, ended up being the perfect place and they grew beautifully and she joked about them looking better than hers! They even came back the next year even though they are not supposed to :)

These red Poppies look better in person than in a photo, cameras generally do not like red and I forgot to reduce the saturation:

Some white Orchids:

Here is a totally different style for me, I wanted to try a Southwestern design. I used fabric glue to glue felt circles on the back of the crocheted circles to give them a little bulk and to keep them from curling up.

And lastly, Fuschia, by challenge from my Mom. These flowers are so cool in their design, it was a big pain to do but it turned out well I think:


  1. Oooo! Fuscias! You were right to take the challenge!

    These are all so cool. :)

  2. All your necklaces are fabulous. you are so artistic!

  3. I like the fuschia (sp?) necklace. The flowers look like they are dancing around a Maypole... :)